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Would you like good to sell your silver and gold jewelry for maximum prices? auction them where enthusiasts will pay adequate amounts for them. Whether you have antique jewelry such as vintage earrings, necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry, we will quote them for you for free. The course of the jewelry auction is up to us. From preparation to placing in the auction to collecting the auctioned money. Do you need money immediately? We buy jewelry in cash in Brno and Prague.

You can sell jewelry at an auction more advantageously

Would you like to monetize your family treasures? Then you are in the right place! It doesn't matter if you have an antique gold ring from your great-grandmother or you once bought a pendant as an investment to make money over time.

It is it doesn't matter whether you own a work by a contemporary artist or a unique antique. Simply contact us by phone, e-mail or in person at one of our branches in Brno or Prague, and we'll take care of everything. The whole process from pricing to organizing the auction to the assembly of the auctioned money is up to us. And for you without fees. And thanks to cooperation with the most experienced auction specialists and a wide clientele of collectors, we can offer you those you pay no fees up front. We only deserve our reward when we successfully sell your works. An auction fee of 20% is paid by the winner of the auction. Thanks to cooperation with the most experienced auction specialists and a wide clientele of collectors, we can offer you those the best conditions and the highest possible auctioned amounts.

Are you in a hurry? We also offer immediatebuying jewelry for cashin Prague and in Brno. Is it far from us? We will pick them up at your home by arrangement.

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How does selling jewelry at auction work?

  1. We will first appraise your jewelry so that you know its true value before the auction begins.
  2. If we agree to cooperate, we will draw up a purchase contract and completely take care of all other steps for you.
  3. We will then offer your valuables in the most suitable jewelry auction.
  4. Czech and foreign auction specialists participate in its preparations, who will ensure that the auction takes place on time and without unnecessary difficulties.
  5. Our jewelry auctions are attended by a select clientele who can appreciate quality goods. If they show interest in the offered items, you will receive the money immediately after the end of the auction.
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Why trust us with jewelry for the auction?

  • We have more than 30 years of experience in the field.That's why we are your reliable guide on the way to a successful sale or purchase.
  • We work with the most experienced auction specialists. Therefore expect professional and complete care for your valuable items.
  • Prestigious auction houses in Vienna and Prague are our colleagues.And this strong international connection gives you access to the best auction markets.
  • We cooperate with online auctions. So we have the opportunity to offer your art and antiques to a wide range of interested parties.
  • We have a very wide clientele of passionate collectors from the Czech Republic and Western Europe.And these collectors are happy to pay extra for quality pieces.
  • Brick and mortar branches in Prague and Brno.That's why you can visit us at any time and consult us about anything.
  • Our customers will tell you much more, read their reviews.Because the opinions of our satisfied clients are the best referencing our work and services
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And one more because...

  • → Thanks to precise valuation, you will sell coins and banknotes at auction much more profitably.
  • → Auction houses push prices down, you definitely have more favorable conditions with us.
  • → We will sell valuable coins or banknotes to you even before the auction itself. Passionate collectors will gladly pay extra for them even above the potentially auctioned amount.
  • → Several times a year we organize successful auctions that you can take a look at in our auction archive.
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Contact Information

You can visit our stores in Brno and Prague or contact us via e-mail or phone. We will be happy to help you with anything.



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