Tomáš Jetela is an established contemporary Czech an artist who studied at the painting studio of Michael Rittstein at the AVU in Prague. The exhibition La Muse de Paris invites you to a special tasting of his work, which was exhibited in Paris and Lyon, and thus brings a piece of France to us as well. His work is extensive and over the years he has created he has his own distinctive handwriting, in which he combines figurative painting with strong expression, drawing or collage-like fragments into one coherent whole. His works are complex, playful and multi-layered. He is constantly developing his work with a noticeable shift in terms of form and content, and is currently preparing other exhibitions, for example in Berlin or Prague.

8.12. – 31.1. 2023 – Paintings - Oldřich Tichý. We invite you to the exhibition of Oldřich Tichý, which will take place from 8.12.2022 to 31.1.2023 in the Graciano gallery at Veselé 39 in Brno. 📍 Admission is FREE. The day before the exhibition opens, i.e. a private opening will be held in the presence of Oldřich Tichý at 5 p.m. on December 7. If you are interested, there are still a few places left. The price is CZK 1,000 for 2 people (the price includes refreshments + a poster signed by Oldřich Tichý). 🖼️ V if you buy a work, the amount of CZK 1,000 will be deducted from you. To participate in the opening, contact us at

A selection of works from the current exhibition at the Graciano Gallery in Brno

obrázek z aktuální výstavy v galerii Graciano-0
obrázek z aktuální výstavy v galerii Graciano-1
obrázek z aktuální výstavy v galerii Graciano-2
obrázek z aktuální výstavy v galerii Graciano-3
obrázek z aktuální výstavy v galerii Graciano-4
obrázek z aktuální výstavy v galerii Graciano-5
obrázek z aktuální výstavy v galerii Graciano-6
obrázek z aktuální výstavy v galerii Graciano-7
obrázek z aktuální výstavy v galerii Graciano-8

You can view and buy Oldřich Tiché's paintings online or in our gallery

Photo gallery from the vernissage

Obrázek z vernisáže-0
Obrázek z vernisáže-1
Obrázek z vernisáže-2
Obrázek z vernisáže-3
Obrázek z vernisáže-4
Obrázek z vernisáže-5
Obrázek z vernisáže-6
Obrázek z vernisáže-7
Obrázek z vernisáže-8
Obrázek z vernisáže-9
Obrázek z vernisáže-10
Obrázek z vernisáže-11
Obrázek z vernisáže-12
Obrázek z vernisáže-13
Obrázek z vernisáže-14
Obrázek z vernisáže-15
Obrázek z vernisáže-16


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