Rules for the use of cookies

The rules listed below relate to the storage of cookies on the portal operated by Michal Gratcle, with registered office at Kounicova 293/61, Brno 602 00, assigned office: Brno City Council.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to adjust the content of the website according to the user's preferences and optimal use of the website. They are also used to create anonymous, aggregated statistical data that will help analyze how the user uses the website. Information that will help improve the structure and content of the website.

What cookies do we use?

We distinguish three basic characteristics of cookies:

  • originator or publisher
  • category of purpose
  • expiration

The author/publisher of the cookie represents the service (or organization) that the website uses and which deploys cookies to your device for its proper functioning.

The category of purpose indicates what potential benefit the use of cookies has. We distinguish the following categories of purposes:

  • basic - basic cookies are part of the system design and without their deployment it would not be possible to operate the system,
  • analytical - analytical cookies are used to evaluate user behavior and subsequently propose measures aimed at a better user experience,
  • marketing - marketing cookies help better targeting of advertisements and their evaluation,
  • personalization - personalization cookies help the presentation of content and the portal, which is as close as possible to the interests of a specific user,

Expiration is either limited by the duration of the user session (session), short-term (order of days or months) or long-term (order of years). The time limitation is given relatively from the moment the cookie is deployed to your device.

Some cookies (especially marketing ones) are used to transmit data about the user's behavior on the website (especially about his interests and preferences) to the website itself. From the point of view of personal data protection, these entities (the originators of cookies) are in the position of processing personal data. Individual the originators of cookies are specified in the table below. By accepting a given cookie, the user agrees to the transfer of personal data to those originators who are in the position of independent administrators of personal data, while this consent can be withheld or revoked by disabling cookies in the Internet browser used, or by individually removing them from the browser in within its settings.

The following table gives an overview of the publishers, purposes and expirations of the cookies used:

Author / PublisherPurposeExpirationNote
GracianoBasicLong-term independent administrator of personal data
GracianoBasicSession independent administrator of personal data
GracianoAnalyticalLong-term independent administrator of personal data
GoogleAnalyticalLong-term independent administrator of personal data
GoogleMarketingLong-term independent administrator of personal data
GoogleMarketingSession independent administrator of personal data

Removing cookies

In general, it is possible to set or disable the storage of cookies in the web browser settings. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some functions that are important for the optimal functioning of the website. In the event that any of the website functions are not functional, it is it is advisable to check the cookie settings in the web browser and enable the device to accept cookies.


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