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Do you want to gift your sweetheart with magical emerald earrings? Propose with an emerald engagement ring? Or wondering where to get the perfect emerald necklace for your prom dress? Try the GRACIANO online shop. We have prepared for you the best quality jewellery at the best prices. Study the offer at your leisure.

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9 reasons to buy emerald jewellery

  1. Promise of luxury. Emeralds are an age-old symbol of wealth. They make it clear that their wearer can afford the best.
  2. Breathtaking green. The bright green colour of emerald is simply unmistakable. It makes emerald jewellery impossible to miss. Their owner will be the envy of the room.
  3. Long-term investment. Stock values rise and fall, but quality jewelry holds its value over the long term. You can pass on emerald pendants, bracelets and other valuables to your children one day with a clear conscience.
  4. Dazzle anywhere. Emerald jewellery looks great at all times. It doesn't matter if they are set in white gold or red gold. Emerald earrings will stand out with an evening gown, but also with an office dress.
  5. Punc quality. With us, you choose exclusively from top quality emerald jewellery found for you by experienced specialists.
  6. Decoration of kings and dignitaries. Emerald rings and jewellery have been worn by the most dignified members of society since time immemorial. Purchase one of them.
  7. Portfolio diversification. Investing in valuables is one of the proven and trusted types of investments. Save a portion of your funds in emerald necklaces, rings and other jewellery to make sure you don't lose out.
  8. High value. Emeralds are one of the most valuable gemstones on the market. By incorporating and setting them in a bed of precious metal, their value only increases.
  9. Great engagement ring. An engagement ring symbolizes one of the most precious gifts a woman will receive in her life. With an emerald engagement ring you will dazzle properly. It will express the strength of your emotion like few other things.
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Why buy emerald jewellery from us?

  • Because we love what we do.
  • Our love of jewellery has been our focus for over 30 years.
  • Thanks to our rich experience, we know how to appreciate a specific thing with an emphasis on its historical and artistic value.
  • For the seller in the auction, we try to get the highest price, and for the buyer a profitable and unique investment. A win-win solution for both parties.
  • We have brick-and-mortar branches in Brno and Prague. Come and see for yourself. We will be happy to advise you. Your investment can be wise and valuable.
Current offer

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You can visit our stores in Brno and Prague or contact us via e-mail or phone. We will be happy to help you with anything.



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