Current offer of antique paintings

Our current offer of antique paintings brings you a unique opportunity to own the works of masters of past eras. Each of the paintings carries a story and a piece of history. Having something beautiful to look at is definitely fulfilling.At the same time, it represents an investment matter that is not only a way of saving capital. It is also a means of preserving or even increasing their value. You can easily choose and buy from our current offer of antique paintings. You can examine everything thoroughly. Unlike an auction, you direct purchase gives enough time to consider.

Current offer

9 reasons to buy antique paintings

  1. A value that grows over time. The older, the better. Similar to wine. Historical and rare objects become valuable jewels for future generations.
  2. Portfolio diversification. Antique paintings provide an effective way to diversify your investment portfolio. They help reduce the risk associated with traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.
  3. Stability and resistance to market fluctuations. The antiques market is known for its stability and resistance to economic fluctuations. Many collectors and investors turn their attention to them precisely in times of financial uncertainty.
  4. Historical Significance. In connection with historical events, artistic periods and cultural epochs, they gain value.
  5. Collectible value. Some Old Master paintings can have significant collector value. Unique and rare works are sought after by collectors. This can increase their value.
  6. Aesthetic beauty and decorative function. Hang a beautiful picture on the wall. Is there anything better?
  7. Family Heirloom. Passing down a historical piece from generation to generation creates a family jewel that grows in value with its age.
  8. Fun and learning. Researching and learning about antiques and art is fun and exciting. Knowledge in this area gives you an edge.
  9. Uniqueness. Antique paintings are not mass-produced, which makes them unique and different from mass-produced paintings.

'People who like my paintings don't pay as much for them as those who want their guests to like them.' — Pablo Picasso


Why buy antique paintings from us?

  • Because we love what we do.
  • We have been dedicated to our love of antiques for over 30 years.
  • Thanks to our rich experience, we know how to appreciate a specific thing with an emphasis on its historical and artistic value.
  • For the seller in the auction, we try to get the highest price, and for the buyer a profitable and unique investment. A win-win solution for both parties.
  • We have brick-and-mortar branches in Brno and Prague. Come and see for yourself. We will be happy to advise you. Your investment can be wise and valuable.

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You can visit our stores in Brno and Prague or contact us via e-mail or phone. We will be happy to help you with anything.



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